Health Services – Diabetes Complete Care

Individual consultations

Initial consultations are 60 minutes and includes a full assessment of your health. One of the team will commence self-management health education and provide you with a plan to work towards achieving your health goals.

Your review consultations will be 30 minutes. This includes a review of your progress and provides you with further information and education to continue working towards your health goals.

Primary Services

Insulin Pump Therapy

An initial appointment with the Credentialled Diabetes Educator (CDE) for insulin pump information and suitability assessment. (60 minutes)

Individual Consultations

Initial consultations are 60 minutes long and include a full assessment of your current health status, commencement of self – management diabetes education.

Staff Education

Diabetes management education for your team.

Other Services

Blood Glucose Level Interpretation

We can teach you to understand your blood glucose trends and what you can do to optimise your
blood glucose levels.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Trials

Continuous glucose monitoring or CGM can provide people living with type 1 diabetes valuable additional information to help reduce the risk of both severe hypoglycemia (hypos) and hyperglycemia (highs). 

Allied Health services

Make an appointment to see our dietitian  or 

Home Visits

If you have mobility problems or live in a care facility, please contact us to arrange a
home visit.

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